Published: 10 years ago

Point Counterpoint

Hey Gaston, I thought we were friends.

Last week on my blog, I put up a post with this title: Don’t Point…Take!

And then yesterday, in what appeared to be a cyberslap in the face, you posted this one: Point!

And I refuse to mention that you called me out on the fact that duck-hunting dogs don’t point.  Like I could even know that, you metrorednexual gun-slinger.

So what gives?  I mean sure, you’re just two steps across the hallway from my office and I could just walk over there and challenge you to a duel.  But first: you have the aforementioned guns.  And B: public fake-fights are so much more saucy.

So can you explain?

And while you’re explaining that, tell me what this is all about:

  1. Jason says:

    Yes, Daniel, it’s true…duck dogs don’t point, they retrieve. It also seems that the only way a fight could possibly break out against us where you come on out the winning end is via the World Wide Web, as I am not nearly as witty as you.

    As for the game..can’t believe you found out that this is EXACTLY our new strategy for getting Summit Student to worship with their families. It’s our new “Family Based Student Ministry Strategy.”

  2. Blake says:


    The scary thing about that video is that I think it is real. I was laughing throughout it and then went to the website and it looks like you can actually order it. Scary.

  3. Amy Griffith Hill says:

    This is your high school English teacher from Highland Christian Academy in Pulaski, TN, and we need to talk.
    Contact me!
    I have news that will confirm how small this little world really is!
    Amy, this is Miss G. to you!

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