Published: 9 years ago

ACC Top Ten

To all Googling basketball fans: that’s right, I totally tricked you and drove up the stats on the blog by making you think you were headed to some ACC-themed website.  But nope, this is for our Annual Church Conference, happening tonight at the Brier Creek Campus at 7:00 PM.  Here are the reasons you should show up…

10. You can’t get enough of the Big Tan Beast, as we lovingly refer to our worship center.

9. Pastor J.D. will be doing what he does best: communicating big vision for the coming year.

8. Presidential Drive is wicked dark at night.  You can jump out from behind cars and scare people.

7. You get a front-row seat to find out exactly what’s going on with the warehouse.

6. We’re providing childcare through fourth grade.  Night without your whiny seven year old?  Cha-ching.

5. We’re talking about the annual budget.  Find out whether the Campus Pastor Jacuzzi Fund will pass.

4. Reunite with your long-lost friends from other campuses.

3. Get judgmental and self righteous with folks who aren’t yet covenant members and can’t vote.

2. Three words: Televised Presidential Address.

and the number one reason you should come tonight…

1. Awesomenicity.

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  1. Lerfin Beck says:

    Good seeing you again last night (#4). Since you’re my only connection so far on Twitter, I read your analysis of the meeting there. Totally agree.

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