Science & Faith: Can They Co-Exist?

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  1. Emily Hogan says:

    To answer your title question: YES. I believe that the study of God’s creation is part of the pursuit of knowledge of and relationship with Him. A more relevant question is: Do scientists tolerate faith all the time?

    I also attend the journal club Kiani wrote about, and this was the first time we’ve so directly addressed religion since I’ve been attending. The conversation was hostile, but I think it was largely due to the guest speaker’s opinions and word choice (‘elite,’ ‘contempt,’ ‘unreachable’). The conversation started with challenging both a belief in God and a belief that science is/can be accessible to everyone. I suspect that the guest speaker’s strong rejection of the second point, one of the underlying assumptions/goals of the journal club, undermined his credibility to speak on the first in the eyes of many of the people who regularly attend, regardless of their personal beliefs about God. I think that Kiani and the other Christians in the room came off more gracious and inclusive than the guest speaker. Personally, I was surprised and pleased to discover believers/seekers in that room, which I had assumed would be predominantly atheist.

    Also: The professor we’ve been talking about is from the philosophy department, and while he does write about science, I do not know if he has any experience actually doing science.

  2. Argyle says:

    i knew you were going to address me at some point on your blog Daniel. Thank you so much for your kind words about me in the first 2 sentences of this blog.

    Blessings be upon you.

  3. Aaron Tant says:

    Wow… having just watched Expelled with Ben Stein, her comments are so identical that it is scary. I was somewhat skeptical that maybe Stein’s information was skewed to prove his point, but real-life testimony from Kiani just adds fuel to the fire. I’ve lived out some of that ridicule, but I don’t possess a great deal of intellect in the field of science, but I love reading on it. Kiani, hold fast in your scientific pursuits (and in philosophy). Sometimes, logic will not prevail when discussing Christ. I love apologetics, but it doesn’t always matter, sometimes its just Christ that gets the point across.

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