Published: 9 years ago

New Week, New Stuff

There’s a couple of new features on the blog today that I’m especially psyched out of my mind about. (What movie am I quoting from?)

I’ve added a new “First Time Here?” page that will help people figure out what to do on … um … their first. time. here.  It has links to five of my favorite all-time posts, so if you’re relatively new you can check that out.

There’s also a new feature over on the right side of the page (thanks WordPress!) which will allow you to subscribe to the blog.  That’s right…you can get your very own copy of Connective Tissue delivered to your inbox daily.  Or, get a week’s summary every Saturday at 8 AM.  Or Tuesday at 4:30 PM.  Or every second Wednesday at a quarter past noon.  Either way, that means no forgetting to visit, no clicking around, no lurking on the Twitter feed…you just get it when the gettin’s good.  That’s right…I’m all about your comfort.

In case I haven’t said it lately, I appreciate you being a reader!

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