You Make the Caption

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  1. B the Builder says:

    “mounting a Christmas tree on our Hummer – yeah, we justify our materialism by carrying a nativity set with us also….”

  2. Phil says:

    Prosperity Gospel…?

  3. Curt says:

    We now have the answer to “What would Jesus drive?”

  4. spenceshelton says:

    “God is not my co-pilot…He’s on the back with his parents, a midget, and some old dude.”

  5. Beth Young says:

    Summit Church’s new SEND campaign – taking Jesus to the community – one street at a time…

  6. Greg English says:

    It’s the Franks heading to Tenn/Alabama for another Tacky Christmas!

  7. bobby says:

    …..I like to think of Jesus as a 6lb 8oz baby on the back of a Hummer bringing joy to everyone who stuck in traffic…..

  8. Randy says:

    If they park in front of city hall, will the ACLU file a law suit?

  9. Robert S says:

    “With the help of a 6.6 L engine, Jesus can reach anyone on the planet. Please give, gas ain’t cheap you know…”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder if this is what my “good ideas” look like to other people. Clearly the nativity should have been on top of the hummer so all the world could see.

  11. Jimmy says:

    The three wise men were smart enough to sit in back because they didn’t want bugs flying in their faces.

  12. joshjackblog says:

    “Jesus take the wheel!”

  13. John Wallace says:

    The Escape to Egypt

  14. JasonDLuna says:

    Little “Hummer” Boy

  15. Adam Parken says:

    2,000 years later, Jesus can once again go off-roading.

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