Published: 9 years ago

Year End Review: Posts

A couple of days ago I sat down and did a quick (10 minutes, tops) review of this years blog posts.  Less than ten minutes, because to be honest, I’m not that interested in reading that much of my stuff.  Plus, it only took that time to see a few themes develop…

  • 2009 has been full of great people.  I’ve been able to stand beside some amazing peeps as they started attending the Summit, gave their lives to Christ, committed their lives to each other, and welcomed life into the world (keep in mind, not all of those were the same person).  I’ve also said goodbye to some great friends who have left for the mission field and gone home to Jesus.
  • My family continues to be an incredible source of humor and a place of refuge.  Yes, I put their lives up for all to see from time to time, but doggone it, I’ve got a great family.  I’m thankful for ’em.
  • God has defined and refined my life’s direction.  In reading back over posts, I can see how he’s grown me, shaped me, and taught me.  Good stuff.  Good, good stuff.

So here it is, ten random samplings of some of my favorite posts of ’09.  For heaven’s sake, don’t read them all (I didn’t).  But click on one and join me on memory lane…

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