Published: 9 years ago

Southern Baptist = Bluegrass

The scene: our Chevy Trailblazer, hauling the entire Franks crew.

The setup: a back seat convo between Austin (12) and Jacob (13).

Austin: So this kid in my class says, “Which religion are you?”  And I said, “I’m a Christian.”

Jacob: Christianity isn’t your religion!  That’s like a relationship.  Southern Baptist is your religion.

Austin:  Uh-uh! Southern Baptist ain’t my religion!  It’s my genre.

Pray for me.  Please.  That kid’s gonna live in my house for another six years.

  1. Cathy Clark says:

    they are the smartest little boys and know just how to keep Dad on his toes

  2. jonathan lunn says:

    haha i love your kids

  3. Jason says:

    dude, i can’t wait till my kid gets to say aweseom stuff like that. All i’m getting right now is “Geeeee da da da BALLLL!!!!”

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