Published: 9 years ago

The Group That Serves Together…

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new venue in the Bay at our Brier Creek Campus, which will allow us to add over 250 seats at the 10:45 hour.

Anytime we launch a new venue, I have a combo bag of feelings which include extreme elation (“This is a great opportunity for people to serve!”) and extreme apprehension (“If we can’t get enough people to fill up a brand new First Impressions Team I’m going to have to get a fake beard and go into hiding and lose my job and make a living by selling gum wads I scrape off the bottom of tables at Panera Bread.”).

Roughly ten days before the Bay launched, I was squarely in feeling #2.  And then came the e-mail from one of our rock star small group leaders.  After a few exchanges, their group made the decision to adopt the Bay as their very own, and thus filled more than half of the needs on the First Impressions Team.

Back up.  Read that again.  They made the Bay theirs.  The entire group.  They ALL stepped up to serve…together.

I don’t care who you are, that’s downright cool.  This multi-generational group already does life together.  They meet weekly to pray for each other, learn from each other, and study scripture with each other.  And now…now they are serving with each other.

That’s very cool.

I want you to see these people for yourself.  This is about half the group (hey…the other half were busy serving).  Sorry about the blurry photography…we were in a rush.

Meanwhile, if you’re a part of the Summit and are looking for a group to join or a place to serve, we’d love to help you do that.  Check out Starting Point, the connection event designed for you.  Next one happens at Brier Creek AM on February 7 after every service!

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