Published: 9 years ago

The Kid’s Got Guts

In case you missed it, one of our covenant members hit the big time on ESPN last week.

Jon Lunn is one of our First Impressions Team leaders.  He’s also a NC State University student.

And a rabid Duke fan.

So it was pretty awesome when Jon showed up at the Duke / NCSU game and sat in the NCSU student section wearing his Duke jersey.

Incredibly stupid, but pretty awesome.

Even better was when his mug went on national TV…at the end of the game…as Duke was getting spanked.  The picture says it all:

Moral to this story.  Jon is fearless.  So if he tells you you’re gonna scoot in this Sunday to make room for guests, you’d better do what he says.

(Disregard those instructions if you happen to be wearing this.)

  1. lunnthefun says:

    I can tell you, as a member of the family, we are so very proud of him. 🙂

  2. Zack says:

    FYI – The guy who wears that – well, at least one of the guys who wears the Mr. Wuf costume – comes to the Summit Brier Creek AM campus!

    His name is Chris Winstead.

    He and Jon should meet…

  3. jonathan lunn says:

    from an older post
    – Jon Lunn, Chief Czar of Pipe and Drape, makes a horrible misstep and spears three people completely through their abdomen while opening up new seats. He’s immediately contacted by the makers of the Friday the 13th franchise to be a creative director for their latest movie, Friday the 13th Part 22: Jason’s Final Impression.
    this is why you scoot in people!

  4. Ellen Tezai says:

    I Love it!!!!! Jon’s got class and his mother should be so proud… Gotta love him!!!

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