Published: 9 years ago

Who’s New?

When training our newbies on the First Impressions Team, I always tell them that their primary commitment on the weekend is to new friends, not old ones.  That’s why we’re a church that’s gathered and scattered…we gather weekly to worship, hear the word proclaimed, and welcome new guests.  We scatter to get with our friends that we “do life with” in small groups.

It’s in the scattering that the “Hey how are ya what’s new in life” conversations should take place.

But on the weekends – especially for those working in First Impressions – it’s all about the guests.  My wife has flat ignored me many Sunday mornings as she’s greeting new people.  I’ve had team leaders drop me like a hot potato when a new face was close by.  And all that is just fine with me.

The point?  Friendships matter.  But new friendships matter more when we’re talking about the corporate gathering on the weekend.  Use your small group to go deep, to get into each other’s lives.  Use the weekend to explore new relationships and to make a stranger a friend.


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