You Blew It

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  1. Sam Fisher says:

    Im looking forward to this series Danny. If a person has any contact with any human being on a consistent basis, that person can learn how to follow through more consistently. With all of the 24/7 distractions its much more difficult to focus on the things that matter.

    happy bogging friend,


  2. this list makes me excited.

    FYI: I went to a different church with an evening service yesterday because I had to work in the morning. they had coffee AND rice crispy treats. Score: New Church: 2, Summit:1 BUT definitely thought Summit does better with the whole first impressions… no one talked to me! New Church: -1 Summit: 250 (strictly because at least I get a hello/good morning from the 4ish door holders that I see in the morning.)
    Way to go favorite campus pastor!

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