Published: 9 years ago

You Blew It

You did, didn’t you?  You screwed up royally.

You forgot to return that phone call.  That leader’s surgery fell off your calendar.  A guest’s questions were never answered after repeated attempts and multiple handoffs.

You’re in the ministry to help people, except in this case you helped no one.

You blew it.

It happens to all of us.  It happens more often that we want to admit and frankly, more than we’re even aware.  Sometimes we get a second chance, and sometimes we lose our influence with that person for good.

So what happens when you blow it?  Ah…that, dear readers, is what we’re covering this week.  Here are the links to all posts in this series:

See you back here tomorrow, unless of course I blow it, in which case you won’t.


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  1. Sam Fisher says:

    Im looking forward to this series Danny. If a person has any contact with any human being on a consistent basis, that person can learn how to follow through more consistently. With all of the 24/7 distractions its much more difficult to focus on the things that matter.

    happy bogging friend,


  2. this list makes me excited.

    FYI: I went to a different church with an evening service yesterday because I had to work in the morning. they had coffee AND rice crispy treats. Score: New Church: 2, Summit:1 BUT definitely thought Summit does better with the whole first impressions… no one talked to me! New Church: -1 Summit: 250 (strictly because at least I get a hello/good morning from the 4ish door holders that I see in the morning.)
    Way to go favorite campus pastor!

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