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Best Guest Story EVER?

Ye olde blog is normally pretty quiet on a Sunday.  I don’t usually blog on the Sabbath, but there’s a story in scripture where Jesus says, “If your ox falls into a ditch, and it’s awesome enough to blog about, thou shalt doest so…especially before your Lead Pastor has a chance to.”

This morning we had tons of first-time guests that showed up at all of our campuses.  One couple arrived at our Brier Creek Campus about 45 minutes after the service began.  Now, 45 minutes late is the norm for most of our covenant members, staff spouses, etc, but a little unusual for guests.  What follows is the story of  one family, whom I’ll call “Ken & Barbie,” since I haven’t gotten their permission to share it…yet:

Ken & Barbie were invited by friends from our brand new North Raleigh campus.  Because that campus has been in incubation stage here for the last few months, Ken & Barbie mistakenly showed up here at Brier Creek…but only after they’d gotten hopelessly lost.  After driving around the Brier Creek area for what seemed like an eternity, they finally stopped off at Wal Mart.

In desperation, Barbie walked up to the Customer Service Desk and asked the lady if she knew where the Summit Church was located.  Customer Service Lady had no idea.  Barbie asked her, “Would you mind making an announcement over the intercom?”

Stop.  Go back and read that again.  Drink it in.  And then know that Customer Service Lady DID IT.

“If anybody in the store knows the location of the Summit Church, would you please come to the Customer Service Desk?”

Now hold your horses…THAT’S not even the best part of the story.  THIS is the best part…FROM THE DRESSING ROOM, one of our covenant members yells out, “HEY! I know where the Summit is!  Let me get some clothes on and I’ll be up there!”

Ken & Barbie made a friend, all of Wal Mart knows about the Summit, and unfortunately there’s no word on whether our unidentified member made the purchase.

That is why I love being a part of this church, and a part of this community.  Where else can the Summit get a shout out on Wal Mart’s intercom?

Sam Walton would be proud.  Unidentified member, you rock.  And Ken & Barbie, I’d love to meet you.  Your story made my day.

  1. Elyssa says:

    Thanks for sharing, Danny! It’s great to know that that isn’t just a story, but the truth! I love our church members. 🙂

  2. Lauren Dyson says:


  3. WOW. Yes, that IS the best first time guest story I’ve ever heard. I don’t think I would have have asked – or even thought- to have the wal-mart employees make an announcement to the whole store. What a great way to get our church’s name out there!

    On another note, I very much appreciate this special Sunday edition. I was going to welcome you back from vacation and ask you about the blog but just forgot. So thanks for reading my mind!

  4. Now THAT’s customer service.

  5. Veronica Greear says:

    i guess you think the sunday blog makes up for the lack of posts. it would have until the jab at staff spouses. for your information i was EARLY for the ELEVEN O’CLOCK service.

  6. Hey! My new neighbors (new to seminary housing) visited the Summit a week ago (not sure which campus) and their car broke down in the parking lot. A Summit member not only helped them by calling AAA and towing the car, but let my neighbors borrow a car for the week! That’s a great first-time visiting story too!

    • Danny says:

      AGREED, Rebekah! Can you find out some more details for me? I’d like to recognize the Summit folks that made that “wow!” experience happen!

  7. yo' sis says:

    That WAS a WOW experience! That’s better than a Walgreen’s WOW’ing!

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