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CD Review: The Aftertaste of Abandonment

There are artists, and then there are Artists. My friend Jonathan Edwards is one of the latter.
Jonathan is freakishly talented at wearing lots of hats:  Writer.  Speaker.  Graphic designer.
But it’s his latest project that I can’t get out of my head.
Next month Jonathan is releasing his CD titled The Aftertaste of Abandonment. It’s a raw, gritty depiction of a kid who grew up in a fatherless home.  I’d heard parts of Jonathan’s story before, but this album made me feel like I’ve lived it alongside him.  Brutal without being bitter, painful without needing pity, Jonathan gives us all a glimpse into his own brokenness.
The day after he handed me an advance copy, I decided to listen to it on my ride home (my commute can handle the album’s eight tracks an then some).  Every song – every. single. song. – was surprisingly powerful.  And while I hate to use the word “haunting,” there it is.  It was haunting.
Here’s what I know about Jonathan: he’s spent years letting the gospel get to the broken places in his life.  Here’s what I know about you: this CD will hit you where you live.
Because even though these songs are about a dad abandoning his son, these songs are also for anyone who’s experienced abandonment.  From a spouse, from a child, from a boyfriend, from a best friend…these songs will speak to your pain.
As a pastor, I dig this album.  I grew up in a squeaky-clean mom-and-dad home where no one walked out, no one ditched me, and the fact that I was loved was never in question.  Jonathan has helped me understand just a little bit more how blessed I am.  He’s also helped me have a great deal more empathy for those who didn’t have an experience like mine.
Get this CD.  You won’t regret it.
Here’s how you can keep up and be ready for the release:
  • November 9th is the date the CD goes live.  You can download it on iTunes and Amazon.
  • The CD Release Show happens November 19th at the Summit’s Brier Creek Campus.  Jonathan will be performing live along with Jess Ray & The Rag Tag Army, Jordan Sasser, and Daniel Renstrom.
  • Bookmark Jonathan’s website, where he’s releasing goodies every few days.

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