Published: 8 years ago


Before you complain that somebody took the seat that you always sit in at church…

Before you get aggravated that you have to walk a little farther from your car in the cold or the rain or the heat…

Before you get flustered that too many people showed up and now the pastor is asking you to scoot in…again…

Before you wonder why your church doesn’t do more to improve the lighting or build a bigger sanctuary or adjust the speaker volume or repaint the women’s room…

…take a look at the procession to Emmanuel Church in Cuba. These folks not only provide their own chairs for a worship service, they carry those chairs on their back as they walk to church on a dirt road.

No website. No fancy sound system. No Goldfish crackers for the kids’ ministry. No kids’ ministry.

No chairs.


Thanks to Raudel Hernandez for the picture.

  1. Josh Dyson says:

    Danny, this seriously offends my Western sense of entitlement. How dare you!

  2. No kids’ ministry?

    No wonder God took their chairs away…

  3. Greg says:

    This reminds me of a baptism service I was at in West Africa this past summer. We met by the ocean and spent a good 30 minutes prior to the service cleaning up trash and hitting the dead puffer fish with sticks as they slowly rolled down the beach.

    As we did that, I was reminded of back home in my church in the US where we often complain when we have to fill up the baptismal pool with water.

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