Death of a Christmas Tradition?

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  1. Elyssa says:

    I proofread my family’s Christmas newsletter every year (which my mom writes), and this year the paragraph about me screamed one thing: personal ad! It included everything except “single” and “likes long walks on the beach.” I asked Mom who she wanted to set me up with (and why over a hundred people need to receive the newsletter to make it happen), but she was laughing too hard to answer. I guess only time will tell if some family friend’s cousin’s son (or other random connection) comes out of the woodwork!

  2. Danny says:

    That’s flippin’ hilarious. If you were from Tennessee, you could have left “family friend” out of the picture and just waited on a cousin’s son to come out of the woodwork!

  3. kimddavidson says:

    I was wondering why Mom would want to do that? Who really gets these letters then gives them to their friends to see if they have anyone available? And I guess if you do live in the deep south, then this could be your “dating business card”. Maybe that’s a new reality show?

  4. Elyssa says:

    Oh, I’m fairly certain it was an unintentional personal ad–it’s not like Mom to meddle. But maybe it’s a sign of her subconscious desire for me? And Danny–it’s a good thing we’re Yankees, or there would be inbreeding!

  5. Emily Bucci says:

    One year my family received a newsletter that detailed the death of that family’s feline, including the little tidbit that the lid wouldn’t stay on the shoe box coffin once rigamortis set in. Awful, awful.

  1. December 20, 2010

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