Love on Display

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  1. tnrural says:

    I don’t know my birth mother but I am very grateful that she loved me enough to carry me for 9 months (amid difficult circumstances) and then let me go. It was and is an act of love. That act of love placed me into the adopting, loving, and dedicated hands of my parents. Love never fails! Thanks for the post Danny.

  2. Amanda says:

    Never met my birthmother… never met my firstborn son’s birthmother… but I am so thankful for the sacrifice that they made in order to create my family… For years as a child I considered myself “not wanted” and “given away” until someone sat me down and discussed how my God wanted to adopt me…

    So thankful for a Father who wanted me so much that He had me pursued by earthly parents and then again by Him alone… We will never truly understand or grasp the depth of His great love

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