Topical Tuesday: Christian Panhandling

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  1. terence says:

    thank you for the clarification. i had felt some of this along with feeling bad for feeling some of this, so you can imagine my struggle.

    i think the grace that should be given is the same grace that is given to all sinners. that we are sinful and think we can take things into our own hands before we allow God to. although it *seems* as if, for something like money, God would be the first place to look…not begging, but for provision in accordance with His will. that’s just me. 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Danny, you nailed the diagnostic. Lauren and I have been upset by this several times, but we’ve never really known what to do. I have the same questions when other churches do things which would compromise the message. How do we distance ourselves from false teachings or sinful “ministries” without compromising our own witness?

    I just hate thinking about the misconceptions these folks are giving people about Christians.

  3. tnrural says:

    I can’t stand to see the “car washing” youth groups that place scantily clad girls out on the curb to drum up business. Looks more like a drunken spring break party in Panama City than a churchfunction.

  4. terence says:

    the car wash thing bothers me, too…

    i can recall a time seeing one of these panhandlers walking along beside the stopped cars at the intersection waving and smiling and whatnot. as soon as he got to someone who ignored him, he walked closer to the window and waved more vigorously and motioned for them to roll their window down (rude). if the person in the car either ignored him still, or waved him on, the panhandler got frustrated and threw his hands up in anger and disbelief….?!

    let’s say, hypothetically, the person driving the car isn’t a believer. why should the panhandler expect them to give money to a ministry that they likely care nothing about? believer or not, how many times do we actually give money (or anything else for that matter) to ANYONE on the street? do they think because they are playing the church card that they deserve it and that everyone OUGHT to give? some people don’t care about the kingdom, so they won’t care about the ministry.

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