Problematic Cling

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  1. greene21 says:

    My schedule. When an emergency comes along I fill like my planning and scheduling for the next 2 weeks is ruined. All my hard work taken away.

    I often think, I am disciplined and organized and so I make sure I know what I am doing 2 Saturdays from now (even if that means I have nothing to do 2 Saturdays from now, I know that).

    My work and planning are my control for life. This week has taught me that plans don’t hold life together. Christ does.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m glad you were able to recover most of your data, Danny. You’re so correct. We cling to the things of this earth as if it were all-in-all. As if these things define us. However, it is our relationship to Christ that defines us. Not power, money, things or even our sin. Christ is our ALL-IN-ALL and the sooner we realize that and CLING to this reality, the better!

    Have a great day brother.


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