Published: 8 years ago

Evil Rabbit, Part Deux

Last week I told you about my wife’s demon bunny and how she taunts me with it on a regular basis. (The taunting hasn’t stopped, by the way. Yesterday morning I found it in the drawer where I keep my Bible. How am I supposed to have my time with Jesus when my heart just stopped beating? I mean, face-to-face time with Jesus, sure…)

But now my co-workers have gotten into the act, because Sunday morning I walked into my office and flipped on the lights to find this:

So I ask you: with co workers like these, who needs enemies?

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  1. Cathy says:

    I love your co-workers AND remember you started this by admitting to the fear of the bunny! I know you would be in on the prank if the shoe were on another’s foot!!
    Love you and keep up the good work to which you have been called..even if it involves evil bunnies

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