Published: 8 years ago

The Great Exchange

My sin. His holiness.

My sorrow. His joy.

My works. His grace.

My shame. His glory.

My wounds. His scars.

My selfishness. His kindness.

My pride. His humility.

My self-righteousness. His gift of righteousness.

My rebellion. His obedience.

My clenched fist. His open hand.

My wandering. His seeking.

My running. His pursuit.

My failed attempts. His finished work.

My brokenness. His healing.

His death.

My life.

His resurrection.

My eternity.

“This is that mystery which is rich in divine grace to sinners: wherein by a wonderful exchange our sins are no longer ours but Christ’s, and the righteousness of Christ not Christ’s but ours. He has emptied himself of his righteousness that he might clothe us with it and fill us with it; and he has taken our evils upon himself that he might deliver us from them.” – Martin Luther


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