Published: 7 years ago

Serve Him, Not Them.

Around these parts, we talk a lot about serving our guests as well as our members. And that’s a great concept, as long as people behave themselves.

When they don’t complain about the parking, when they worship with passion rather than complaining about the volume, when they don’t gripe about the coffee bar shutting down when the service begins, then serving people is a delight and not a drudgery.

But when people make snide comments to volunteers…when someone discredits Christ in the community…when someone constantly criticizes your ministry…then you begin to wonder if this “serving people” gig is really worth it.

Because people are messed up.

And so are you.

And so am I.

That’s why every morning as we get out of bed, we have to remember that we’re called to serve Him, not them. Our allegiance is to Jesus first, to his people second. Viewing life through the them / Him filter will leave us despondent. Angry. Bitter. But viewing it through the Him / them filter gives us clarity. It gives us hope. It gives us a standard.

Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. (Ephesians 6:7)

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  1. Lori Accordini says:

    Amen! Great post!

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