Published: 8 years ago

Momentous Senior Moments

One of the myths of pastoral ministry is that folks of a certain demographic (translated: the older demographic) are hard to deal with. Stuck in their ways. Intolerant of creativity. Ready to hit you with their cane and tell you to get off their lawn.

I recognize that my church is a bit of a different breed, but I thank God for some incredible seniors who have led the way in making the church who she is today. These are folks who shelved personal preference and sometimes personal comfort for the sake of carrying the gospel forward. Some of my most dependable, servant-hearted friends at the Summit are those old enough to be my parents (don’t tell ’em I said that).

But this video from Clark Retirement Community in Michigan takes the cake. My proverbial hat is off to to activities director who made this happen. The A.D. proves that seniors are fun, creative, and willing to try new things.

When I grow up, I want to live there.


Thanks to my buddy Darin – and his dad Ron – for tipping me off to this.

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  1. Jeremy Bergwerff says:

    That’s Grand Rapids baby! If you like that one, you should check out one that showcases the whole city. A local guy put this lipdub together and garnered 3.8 million views and some significant nationwide praise, including Roger Ebert saying it was the best music video he’s ever seen:

    Eberts Comments:

    Actual Clip:

    Grand Rapids, Woot Woot!

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