Published: 7 years ago

Rewind: The Big Reveal

I realize that our adoption news is so last week, and I also know that some of you are afraid that this is going to turn into an adoption crusader blog. You know: the kind where I tell stories where Russell Moore and I team up as a Batman and Robin-like duo, making baby runs to third world countries where we steal mopeds and raid orphanages and bring back infants by the dozen.

(Sorry, too much pizza too late at night. I’m having those weird dreams again.)

But I had to say one final word about our Haven and then I’ll leave the subject alone until at least the next blog post. Or until she does something cute. Whatever.

The following is the video of our announcement on Sunday, August 28. This was the last service of the day, so we’d seen two sides of Haven. The first side was 10:30 AM Haven: bright-eyed, cheery, grinning at the crowd. The second service was 12:30 PM-is-past-my-naptime Haven…and you’ll see what that looks like in a moment. (Hint: it’s cute.)

This video actually serves as a mashup of the two services. The full director’s cut of the 11:00 service is first, followed by the latter half of the announcement in the 9:00 service.

Yes, I know many of you who read this were there, but this is much cheaper than mailing our families a DVD.


Haven’s Intro from Summit Brier Creek on Vimeo.

Thanks to Julian Milano for capturing the footage, and Josh Sliffe for the edits!


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  1. Lee Beck says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Danny. Though we love our West Club Campus and the staff there, we miss the BCC group and I appreciate you sharing these special moments with us. BTW – how did you keep your emotions in check during your Haven introducton? I’m still choked up and my nose is running several minutes after watching the video.

  2. Connie Pearson says:

    Tears! Shame on you, making me cry this early on a bright, sunny Friday morning! A wonderful example. Hopefully, it will be our family’s turn soon.

  3. Love it! So good to see you, Merriem, and the BOYS! Oh my how they have grown! Your daughter is amazingly precious and you are blessed. I know the Murphy and Franks families must be wowed by her cuteness as well! Man blessing to you all!
    John and Brandee Spohr (Think Lance’s friend from high school, attended Southeastern same time as you guys, and red haired guy with really short wife)

  4. Shellie G says:

    So incredibly squeezable! Can I post this on my Fbook wall? Friends only?

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