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  1. Connie Pearson says:

    A huge congratulations on the sale of your house!!! I can’t wait to see pictures when The House makes itself known. Will you be in Athens during the next few weeks? If so, I’d like to schedule an appointment to meet Haven.
    Love to all!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if I qualify as a fan or a “creeper” but I do enjoy thy blogs. I may be just be your biggest fan west of the Mighty Mississip’. Congrats on the sale of your house…5 yrs…wow…2006…just when Lahaye and Jenkin’s Left Behind prequel released.

  3. JeremyW says:

    Missed you. I look forward to reading your next blog in 42 days. In the meantime, what does rabbit taste like?

  4. David Hinkle says:

    Oops…my comment wasn’t really from “Anonymous”! Merry Christmas, brutha Franks!

  5. BtheBuilder says:

    I think you need counseling, Danny.
    Do you always talk to yourself and have conversations with yourself and argue like that?
    You also need counseling on how you treat others Just leaving people out to dry. Without a word. Cyber-vanish.
    One last area you should seek counseling about – prioritizing your firstborn over Shape Sorting. She was left to shape sort alone last night. Alone. Look back at counseling area number 2 – leaving people out to dry. Poor Haven. She’ll need counseling next.
    Oh and by the way, welcome back. I love reading your blog. I was a little miffed at the 42 day absence, hence the general air of this response.
    Continue on.

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