Published: 7 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s a new year (albeit our last year on the planet. Thanks a lot, you stinkin’ Mayans!), and with a new year comes a new experiment. I’m calling it the Thursday Three For All, because I can’t afford my own personal marketing department to come up with anything better. (Or a theme song. I’d really like a theme song.)

In Thursday Three For All (or T34A, as my imaginary marketing department just came up with), I’ll hand-pick three links that might be of interest to you. It might be other folks’ blog posts, interesting news articles, or pictures of cats wearing funny sweaters. Heck, it might even be a picture of a person wearing a cat as a furry sweater.

[Brief pause while I wait on the lawsuit from PETA.]

The idea for this can be traced back to a few months ago when I wrote a post about Sharing Your Platform. Uber-blogger Trevin Wax has taken the idea of platform-sharing to an art form, and he’s allowed many folks to get exposure that may otherwise go unknown. For good or for bad, there are a lot of folks that check this site daily. I’d love to connect you to some of the other things I’m reading.

Church Without A Steeple. The News and Observer / Cary News had this piece in yesterday’s edition, featuring the Summit’s newest campus.

Resist “Swish & Spit” Devotions. In light of a post earlier this week, how are you doing on your Bible study resolution?

No, no, no, no. NOOOOO! Every guy’s worst nightmare. Staged or not, this makes me cringe.

Got an idea for a future T34A? Email me on the “Make Contact” tab above.

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