Published: 7 years ago

Flashback Friday: Salvation by Super Bowl?

It’s Friday, Friday, the day of the week where everyone wants to find the girl who sang that song and just clock her upside the head.

Today we dust off the archives and rewind three (count ’em, THREE) years to a little sumpin’ sumpin’ I like to call Salvation by Super Bowl:

…when I stop to think about what the advertisers are trying to accomplish in the Super Bowl vs. what our church is trying to accomplish…all I can do is laugh.  Three million bucks to get people to buy snack food that will be digested and gone in 24 hours.  The only lasting memory will be what it does to their thighs.

On the other hand, our church is just crazy enough to believe that if we spend money on our community rather than on us as consumers…the return on the investment will continue long after we’re gone.  Yeah, there’s a lot riding on your tires, but there’s a lot more riding on our mandate to share the gospel.

I believe that corn chips will make me happy while I watch episodes of The Office.  But I believe that what we’re doing as a church will transcend my lifetime.

You can read the entire post (and see my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever) by clicking here.

And who’s excited about Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi making an appearance on Sunday? Check it…

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