Published: 7 years ago

Where It All Began

As a part of this week’s Ten Year Anniversary emphasis, the Summit staff and their spouses took a little field trip yesterday back to our roots. Well, some of our roots. The vast majority of our team had never seen these particular roots, and were subjected to a half-day of one-sided reminiscing:

“Oh look! They painted this thing. Remember when it used to not be this color?”

“Wow! Chairs! Remember when we used to have chairs here but they were different?”

“What the…they kept the bathrooms!”

Okay, so our reminiscing was a bit more in-depth than that, but you get the picture…the day was much more fun for those who remembered our old facilities.

[click on any photo to enlarge]

Confused about the Homestead Heights / Summit Church timeline? Check out this video that will explain more.

Special thanks to The River Church for allowing us to take a trip down memory lane!

  1. Lauren Dyson says:

    I loved seeing this photos!

  2. everything looks soooooo different now… except the couch in your old office looks familiar! hahaha – glad you guys got to re-visit and some of the new staff got to see where we came from – so cool – I miss that old building, lots of great memories!

  3. Danny says:

    Amanda, I hadn’t even noticed the old couch. Whoa…I think that IS a Homestead Heights original. Now that you mention it, the picture and ivy look strangely familiar as well. I’ll have to consult with HHBC’s interior designer, Rev. Gaynor.

  4. Baker says:

    Awesome pictures. Wish I could have been there to see Homestead TheRiverHeights with you guys.

    • Danny says:

      Baker, no joke, this was the conversation in my van after we left…

      Merriem: Awww! You know who should’ve been there today? BAKER!

      Me: I thought about him, but his baby is like 14 minutes old. I don’t think he could’ve made it.

      Gaston: Dude, if somebody had invited me out of the house when my kid was 14 minutes old, I’da been on that in a heartbeat.

      I also told your “climb out the office window story” to anybody who would listen.

  5. aarontant says:

    I’m with Baker, that would have been awesome to go down memory lane. That is a lot of love and growth that took place there. I feel fortunate having seen God move in mighty ways. I miss being a part of The Summit, it is always beautiful to see what is happening there!

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