Published: 7 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s Thursday. I’m lazy. But why should you suffer? Here are three quick reads that I’ve loved this week. Maybe you will, too:


When Leaders React Emotionally: An Interview With Home Depot CEO Frank Blake. This one hit me. Hard. What does this say to you as a leader? Do you get angry at people or systems?

 It is easy to react emotionally to a problem instead of asking, “How is our system broken and what needs to be fixed?” In my experience, ninety percent of the time the problem is a systems issue rather than a people issue. In either case, reacting emotionally rarely helps. [read more]


Coffee Shop Buzz Is Good For Your Creativity. I knew it! I knew it! I love you, Starbucks office.

…those who had ambient noise in the background (70 decibels, the level that you’d hear in a bustling cafe) scored higher in objective word-association tests and their answers were rated more creative by other participants. [read more]


Flying Balloon House Inspired By Disney Pixar Movie Up. File this under “Way too much time on their hands, but way cool.” Hopefully the guy’s wife didn’t die in front of millions of preschoolers in the first five minutes of this version.

Utilizing balloons just like the house in the movie. National Geographic partnered with two world class balloon pilots, engineers, and scientists to create the largest balloon cluster flight in the world. A 16 foot by 16 foot house hovered at over 10,000 feet in the air above Los Angeles for about an hour creating an incredible air show for bystanders. [read more]

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