Published: 7 years ago

Flashback Friday: Resources

We’re wrapping up a two day conference called The Gospel Summit. It has been an incredibly energizing experience to be with and learn from more than 300 pastors and ministry leaders from across the country.

The breakouts I’ve led have dealt with the areas of guest services and covenant membership. One of the biggest questions out of these sessions have been “What books do you recommend.”

Ah. So glad you asked. While my book recommendation list has likely been added to, here’s a clip from a Q&A blog post a couple of years back:

What kind of books do you read to help sharpen you skills as the head guru of First Impressions? Conferences? Magazines? etc.

Ah, books.  One of my favorite topics.  Here we go, no funny banter required.  (I was going to toss these into specific categories – volunteers, connection, membership, etc. – but I decided I didn’t want to.  So there.)

Read the entire post (and see the entire list) here.

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