Published: 7 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Thursday is the day where there’s no original content here on the blog. Well, unless you count this week, when I’ve been in a Gospel Summit induced coma and have done nothing productive up to and including being mobile in society, and therefore haven’t posted anything original. (But let’s face it – I’ve had three original ideas in my life. To prove it, even that saying was stolen from J.D. Greear.)

But I digress. Here are three links you need to read, along with some original comments. (See? I’m here for you.) Enjoy your day.

Is It Time For Calendar Triage? Michael Hyatt gives tips to organize your life, which he excels at. He also would tell you not to end a sentence with a preposition.

…some patients will survive without medical care. Some won’t survive even if they have medical care. Triage means ignoring these two groups and focusing on those that will only survive with medical care.

With regard to your calendar, it means you must know which things you can safely cancel or reschedule and which things demand your participation. [read more]

Even Steve Jobs’ Speech Notes Were BeautifulYes. Yes they were.

…they are in many ways a telling encapsulation of the man himself. Jobs was a natural showman who needed only the barest outline to announce the changing of the world, and his notes here are so simple that they could have been scrawled on the back of a napkin… [read more]

The Story of Ian and Larissa. There are exactly four people in the world who haven’t seen this video that went viral earlier this week. If you found your way here, you’re welcome. This is the best nine-minute investment you’ll make in your marriage today.

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