Soaring With Eagles

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  1. Anisa says:

    Thanks for sharing Danny–very cool! Some info you might enjoy from the NC parks page:

    “Bald Eagle Watching: On your next visit to Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, see if you can spot our national symbol, the bald eagle, soaring over the waters of Jordan Lake. As Jordan Lake supports the largest concentration of bald eagles in the eastern United States, these majestic birds can often be spotted soaring over the lake in search of fish and other prey.

    Though bald eagles are active throughout the daylight hours, the chances of observing an eagle are best during the early morning hours or late in the day. The best time of year for observing eagles around Jordan Lake is during the spring migration northward, generally April, May and June. Areas that offer a wide view of the lake are your best choices. These would include Vista Point, Ebenezer and Seaforth recreation areas.”

  2. Connie Pearson says:

    I hope your rv-in-law and its occupants are headed back home. We’re overdue for some visitin.’

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