Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Hospitality: More Than Greeters and CoffeeA much-needed reminder for those of us in the guest services biz.

Sentimental hospitality emphasizes being nice and might describe the treatment you get at Disney World. Privatized hospitality is an approach which reminds me of all those Southern Living magazines my mom would accumulate when I was kid. Hospitality gets reduced to entertaining guests appropriately with a perfectly decorated home and the right recipes coming out of the kitchen. [read more]

Pest Control. Oh, Seth Godin, how you say so many things with so few words…

A big part of doing your work is defending your time and your attention so you can do your work. [read more]

Americans Are As Likely To Be Killed By Their Own Furniture As By Terrorism. I didn’t even read this whole article, but after three days of wrestling sofas and mattresses, I resonate!

According to the report, the number of U.S. citizens who died in terrorist attacks increased by two between 2010 and 2011; overall, a comparable number of Americans are crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year. [read more]

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