Six Things You Need To Know About Your Wedding (part one)

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  1. Lauren Dyson says:

    We took your advice with #1 and we were so glad we did!!!

  2. Josh D. says:

    Not even joking, #1 is the single best piece of advice we ever got about the wedding ceremony.

  3. Connie Pearson says:

    So far, so good. I’ll stay tuned. Remember, I’m a veteran of MANY weddings myself as the organist, the pianist, or the mother-of-the-bride/groom. 🙂

  4. Katy P. says:

    Amen and amen. Soommmmeee people would say couples/photographers that take hours to do the pics after the ceremony are kinda rude…I wouldn’t say that but some people would…maybe I would. I get grouchy when I’m hungry.

  5. Veronica Greear says:

    THANK YOU FOR No. 1!!!! SO glad we did the same as you and CANNOT figure out how the dumb tradition of making all your closest friends and relatives wait for hours on you to start the real party got started around here?! Also, LOVE the one about best wedding ever being the cheapest, we have had the same experience! Here’s hoping our 3 girls feel the same:)…

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