Published: 7 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Three links. Three things I’m reading. In three…two…one:

Who Let This Guy In The Building? As usual, an instant win by Seth Godin.

Are you letting other people talk to your customers? You may not have the authority or the control to decide who gets to talk to your customer before you do. Doesn’t really matter, though, because the customer thinks you do.

What They See When They Come To Your Church Thom Rainer beats my favorite drum.

When a guest has a good experience, he or she is more likely to return. When they return they are more likely to hear about and experience the love of Christ.

Packing Tips For Every Trip 

There is no right way to pack. Some feel comfortable carrying around enough outfits to last a week and one or two for the club. I have seen others that have only the clothes on their backs (filled with holes, mind you). While I do occasionally miss my jeans, I much prefer packing less.

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