Published: 7 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Three links. Three previews. Three things I’ve been reading this week. Happy Threesday.*

The Truth About Adoption – One Year Later. Jen Hatmaker knocked it out of the stratosphere with this post. Don’t stop praying for adoptive families once their child is home. Truth be told, that’s when the real hurdles begin.

This is Fake Life, and everyone is smiling. Your bios are more helpful than they will ever be again ever, and it’s like you are at Weird Family Camp. Nothing is normal. Everything is fragile and bizarre and unfamiliar. Your new one appears compliant and easy-going and obedient, and dear ones, this is because she is about to have the Most Epic Freak Out in the History of Life. [read more]

How Much Did Famous Logos Cost to Design? This is absolutely mind-boggling to me. I frequently use H&R Block’s logo as an illustration in part of our First Impressions Training (don’t ask why. Just trust that it makes sense in context). Can you imagine that marketing meeting? “Okay guys, I’m thinking of a square. But not just any square. It’s a green square!”

Stock Logos, the largest identity design community, recently compiled a list of famous logos, highlighting their cost, designers and purpose. With price ranges that stretch from $0 to $211,000,000, one has to ask: What is the value of a logo? What does it take to create an icon? And can it be done for free? [read more]

Wi-Fi On Donkeys? Biblical Tourist Park Says Why Not? “Come unto me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you streaming YouTube videos.”

The Bible says Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem, where he was greeted by adoring crowds before beginning his Passion and eventual crucifixion. But what if that donkey had doubled as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

A biblical park tourist attraction in Israel has fused together the ancient and online worlds by equipping its donkeys with wireless routers. [read more]

* My deepest apologies for that pathetic bit of wordplay.

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