Target or Mindset?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    1) First of all, did you realize that an advertisement appears at the end of this post showing a woman with a large, naked, pregnant belly drinking something questionable in the kitchen?
    2) I’m pretty sure I know who you’ve been talking to, and I’m very glad you had a chance to bounce things around. By the way, have you seen the new Sonic commercials with those 2 guys in the front seat of their car? You and said minister would make MILLIONS doing those kinds of commercials. 🙂 Just a thought in case you get called into bivocational ministry someday.

    • Danny says:

      1. Someone pointed out said pregnant woman to me yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever covered this, but unfortunately I have ZERO control over the ads that pop up on the blog. Sorry ’bout that.
      2. I can handle that. I’m all about some Sonic!

  2. Chris Reilly says:

    Danny, could not agree more. If leaders have ultimate clarity around targeting the Call, the Spirit will do the rest for the mindset. Awesome thought! I loved catching up the other day and the Dumb & Dumber quote had me in stitches (again!). Much love and respect Danny, we miss you guys!

  3. Danny's Intern says:

    I think it is hilarious that the anonymous person knows you and the minister that you were talking to but still made his post anonymous.

    I don’t think we should change who we are to target the audience around us just to make it fit them. But we do have to remember that any time we talk about the Gospel, and share our relationship with Christ with others we are contextualizing the message. It is being read and spoken through the lens of our lives. This will attract more (not exclusively) people that are from my same context because they will understand my phrasing and stories easier.

    The Gospel can cross these lines but we have to fight against our own context and culture to be able to speak clearly to those from different backgrounds.


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