Published: 7 years ago

Wednesday Worship: Firework

Just in case you missed the link earlier this week on my Twitter account, we have a heckuva worship team with some crazy mad skills.

Last week at our staff Christmas party, they unveiled their latest music video. I think you’ll find it as inspiring and…um…magical as I did.

Crank those speakers, skippy. You’ll want your co-workers to hear this ‘un.


  1. Melissa Chamberlain says:

    Hi Danny!!
    Would you be willing to send me an email with the video? I can’t get Vimeo to work.
    I’ve been wanting to see it again when my dad showed me! 😀
    Btw, why couldn’t the skeleton share the bad news?
    A: He didn’t have the heart!

    Here’s my email!!

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