Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Practical Tips for How to Make More Time for ReadingI love me some books. But over the last year my intake has tanked. I’m hoping this‘ll get me back on track.

If I’m honest, even though my days are very full, I do spend a lot of time each week on relatively meaningless, brainless activity.  I actually think I could read significantly more than I already do!

Please note, I don’t believe every single moment of our day needs to be in an intense “growing yourself” exercise.  I place high value on community, rest, and simply ‘being.’  But I know we all have our little time suckers in a given day.

Do Truck Drivers Matter to God? I was talking to a friend recently about other peoples’ perception of him being “just” a restaurant owner. Here’s the thing about my friend: he’s called. He’s equipped. He’s insanely talented and loves what he does. Why would he (or a truck driver, or [fill in your own career]) ever be relegated to a “just”?

The musician told the listening world how his brother was once a truck driver but gave up trucking in order to serve the Lord as an assistant pastor. This drew hearty affirmation from the host, who was actually laughing at the comparative insignificance of truck driving. The music star then recounted his congratulatory words to his brother: “I always thought you had more in you than being a trucker.”

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Lyrics Translated to Other Languages. Just skip to 2:55 and thank me later.

The folks at cdza ran an experiment where they used Google Translate to run the theme song lyrics of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through other languages (and back into English) and then performed it. Jeremie Harris plays Will Smith in this musical experiment.

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