Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s the fourth day of the week, kiddies (or third day if you’re a complete Easter-hating pagan), which means it’s time for T34A, three links that have grabbed my attention and shook it like a can of Redi-Whip. Don’t forget to click on the bold print to see the original source and drive up the other guy’s stats.

What We Church People Can Learn From Cinnamon BreadMy friend Matt Pearson is the master of bringing truth out of the mundane. I’m pretty sure that’s a talent.

What do people who are seeking God get when they come to our churches? What do people who are ‘shopping’ for a church get when the visit our churches? Do they walk in with expectations to be wowed with gracious people who have been overwhelmed by a real and loving God only to leave disappointed and empty? Or do they walk in with huge expectations and leave blown away at how their hopes have been exceeded?

Kentucky Pastor Calls on Tennessee To Return His Venomous SnakesKeep in mind: the pastor is from Kentucky (not my home state). The authorities trying to take the snakes away are from Tennessee (which IS my home state). I’ll thank you to keep your snarky backwoodsy comments to yourself.

Coots said that he could replace the snakes, but the containers holding them were very important. “One means more to me more than a lot of worldly possessions. I’ve had it a long time. The other three, I feel it’s my property,” he explained.

How To Become PopeAdmit it: you’ve always wondered how this works. And now you know.


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