Published: 6 years ago

Flashback Friday: Ask the CP: Daylight Savings Time

This weekend is the long awaited moment in the Franks family: Daylight Saving Time ENDS! (or BEGINS!) I can never keep up with which is which.

All I know is that on Sunday we get extra daylight. I don’t even care about losing an hour of sleep. Daylight, people. Day. Light.

Here’s a tongue in cheek post from a few years back where I tried to explain DST and just ended up confusing myself even further.

Daylight Savings Time was invented by a measure of the Continental Congress in 1887.  (They had originally intended to pass it in 1821, but Ted Kennedy filibustered for a few decades.)  The Continental Congress had been in discussions with the ancient Romans, who invented time many, many years ago, but we can’t know for sure when they invented time because they didn’t invent watches until sometime later (they also didn’t have moleskine journals, so nobody thought to write it down).

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