Published: 6 years ago

Flashback Friday: Hooptie Deux Review

On Fridays we stop the clock and let previous posts do all the work. Thankfully the car in this post has been replaced by an even newer model. But ah, the memories…

I’m the proud new owner of a ’97 Oldsmobile 88.  This is not your grandma’s Oldsmobile.  Oh, don’t get me wrong…it’s somebody’sgrandma’s Oldsmobile.  If this thing were in a Nascar race, it would be sponsored by K&W Cafeteria and Polident.

And it’s big.  This weekend I went to Chapel Hill…and didn’t even have to leave Durham.  That sucker sits in two different zip codes.  It’s trackable via Google Earth.  I had to pick up a new long distance plan just to call my oldest son, who enjoys riding in the trunk (his embarrassment knows no bounds).

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