Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Ten ways to pastor adoptive parents and those considering adoption. As a daddy who has adopted, and a guy who pastors adoptive families, this article is spot on.

The majority of adoptions are filled with great highs and great lows.

There are often many tears shed due to failed placements and other setbacks. There is also unparalleled joy in being matched with your child and bringing them home.

Do what you can to enter into their experience. Embody the compassion and empathy of Christ in the hard times and magnify the joy of the Father in the celebration.

Everybody picks up the trash. Bob Adams shares one of my favorite Disney stories from his recent behind-the-scenes tour of the park.

In the Disney organization, there is an inner value of ownership that goes beyond every Cast Member picking up trash when they see it. It gets back to never saying, “It’s not my job.” This Takeaway is not about trash, although that is important.

It’s about everyone being involved in your organization, from bottom to top. It’s about creating priorities, about being a part of a team that demonstrates care, no matter what your role is.

Comedian Tig Notaro gives Conan O’Brien dry-witted lessons in remaining present. This is pretty hilariously profound (and Bull City gets a shout at the end).

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