The Arrogance of Experience

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  1. Jesse says:

    pastor danny – great post. i’m an event professional and i frequently find myself carrying that arrogance into every event, wedding, concert, etc. that i attend, always picking out the things that are ‘wrong’ – thanks for verbalizing.


  2. It is easy to criticize others for shortcomings in one’s field of expertise. I recently visited a church, had to use the bathroom and found:

    1). No doorknob
    2). The sliding latch lock was broken, so a drill bit replaced the missing bar.
    3). The toilet handle was broken – a shoelace had been installed to cause the pulling action to flush.
    4). The sink was installed, but the lines not installed. There was no ability to wash hands.

    I took pictures of such short comings, thinking I’d share them with the world, but I had to remember that I was in a developing nation, in a church with limited resources, happy to have indoor plumbing.

    I had to repent of my pride and criticalness.

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