Thursday Three For All

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  1. Lauren says:

    I hate to be a grump, but I disagree with the book guy. I think people take too much pride in their book collections –“You can show off your efforts (and you should–reading is something to be proud of)”.
    Instead, I read a book, and then I pass it along (to a friend or to Someone else should be able to benefit from the book, instead of me hoarding it on my shelf like some prized possession.
    Of course, I do keep some non-fiction books for reference, and I’m not a writer like this guy, so maybe he has a lot more reference books than I do, but I don’t keep every book I read.
    And it seems that this guy makes his living writing books, so it benefits him to read a lot in order to be a better writer. But not everyone is like that, and I can’t afford to buy books and hoard them like he does. (Sorry, I just read the post he linked to where he criticized checking out books from the library and it made me even angrier at him).
    Lauren the Grump (but I’m not always a grump!)

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