Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Six ways to maximize church stage announcements. (via @timrpeters, HT @persinger) As a part time Pastor of Announcements (shut up. It’s a thing.), I totally agree with all of these. (Except for the  “5-10 minute” time frame. What church allows their announcements guy to ramble for ten minutes?!? I want to go to there.)

When you’re deciding what you’re going to communicate from stage, unless it’s an abnormal situation, you want to ask yourself: Does this impact 80% of the audience sitting inside our worship center? If the event, ministry, serving opportunity or message does not impact 80% of your audience, then you do not want to dedicate stage time to it.

Ten common first impressions mistakes that churches make(via @TroyPage) Only ten? What are some others you’d add?

No clearly defined theme and next steps from the total worship experience. Often the music, message, video, offering and announcements all feel like separate comments with multiple agendas.

How you know you’re staying at a good hotel(via @Metapicture) Details matter.


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