What’s Your Brown M&M?

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  1. Zack says:

    I learned this fun bit of trivia while helping setup the stage for U2’s show at Carter Finley stadium a couple of years ago.

    If 9 transfer trucks was crazy in the 80’s, what would they have done if U2’s 140 trucks pulled up for loud in?

    But it is an awesome idea / object lesson!

    • Danny says:

      Zack: that’s nuts. 140 trucks? I missed that when they were here. Unreal!

      Connie: hilarious. I can see your face when that question popped out!

      Ben: the sequel to one of the best movies ever. (Noticed I slighted WW2.)

  2. What a novel way to ask this question!! I don’t know much about guest services — other than what you’re teaching me — but I know a little about music ministries and the direction and focus that worship styles reveal. Our much beloved minister of music resigned to go to another church just a couple of weeks ago. The proposed interim’s first question was “What hymnal do y’all use?” He only lasted a week. So, I’d say that inquiring about a hymnal is a telltale brown M&M for me.

  3. Ben says:

    And you know where the brown m&m’s went? Here: http://youtu.be/k_7kg5ZzDZo

  1. January 10, 2014

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