Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

How Office Control Freaks Can Learn to Let Go. (via @Lifehacker) My name is Danny, and I am a control freak. (Hi, Danny!)

If you find yourself taking on an increasing number of projects and/or people, the only way to regain a sense of control is to, paradoxically, let go of control: let other people help you. This requires facing fears like, “Maybe everything won’t be done the way that I would have done it.” Or “Maybe I’ll need to defer to someone else to answer a question instead of immediately knowing the answer myself.”

Does your employees’ language help maintain the magic? (via @enthused) I just discovered this guy a couple of days ago. Wealth. Of. Insight.

The first occurred at Disneyland, famous for its “Happiest Place On Earth” moniker. A cast member (Disney’s term for its employees) at the stroller rental kiosk near the park entrance advised me to “Keep your receipt separate from your stroller to obtain a replacement in case someone steals it.”

Theft? At the happiest place on earth? Really? This comment put a damper on my first impression of Disneyland. Now, I’m thinking about the security of my stroller rather than which section of the park to experience first.

Artist Adds Star Wars Themes to Famous Thomas Kinkade Paintings(via @LaughingSquid) Why has no one thought of this before? Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Lightsabers®.



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