Customer Loyalty Programs and the Church

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  1. I’ve begun really thinking about simple next steps to integration (your #3). From your vantage point, what are some common ones?

    I’ve seen

    * Wednesday night suppers
    * Post service mini-receptions
    * Newcomer gatherings every 4-6 weeks

    I’m always looking for additional ideas to help suggest for churches looking for ways to form new friendships

    • Danny says:

      Chris, we’ve tried all sorts of formulas over the last decade. Everything from right-after-service 20 minute intro events, to three week classes, to…you name it. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but I’d say the bottom line comes from what you’re specifically trying to accomplish. Because we’ve solidified our purpose of Starting Point, we have also solidified the method of delivery. Ours happens once a month, on a Saturday night or Sunday (depending on the campus and the mobile site building schedule), and lasts for approximately 2.5 hours (1.5 hours of teaching plus (hopefully) a meal on the front end and a Q&A time on the back end). It’s become a highly polished, highly structured time, involving a specialized team of volunteers, event-specific childcare, custom curriculum, a meal, etc.

      But then again, that model assumes we’re going to have some very specific next steps coming out of it (baptism, membership, small groups, ministry opportunity). If a church is looking for more of a social, low-impact, getting-to-know-you event, I’d say any of those things above are helpful.

      I’ve also seen some pastors host “Dinners for Ten” at their home once a month, and those can be incredibly effective. Larry Osborne (North Coast Church, CA) has done this for some time now (or at least, he was still doing it as of a couple of years ago), and it makes a very, very large church feel very small.

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