18 Really? Really.

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  1. robin allen says:

    That’s awesome Danny & so encouraging for parents with younger children. Wait til you say, my youngest was 18 ten years ago! That’s where we are at and we feel the same about all 4 of our kids! Isn’t God amazing…raising Godly children in spite of us!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jacob! I know two people who were mighty proud to become first-time grandparents 18 years ago today. Jacob started out looking exactly like you’d expect a Greenhaw/Murphy child to look, and ended up looking just like a Franks man. Neat. I will look forward with you and Merriem to watching God’s plan unfold for him in the years ahead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really? Really??
    Do you need to make me cry??? So well written!!!

  4. Brenda Pergerson says:

    What a precious gift you have given to your son. I do believe you did more than buy diapers and put groceries in his belly 🙂 and it is being manifested in this wonderful young man’s life today. Your love, affirmation and guidance are evident. Praise be to our Father for blessing you and Merriem with your beloved son but congratulations to you for a job well done as his parents. God knew who He could entrust that beautiful young baby to eighteen years ago to accomplish His purposes for young Jacob. What a gift!
    Brenda Pergerson

  5. Anonymous says:

    WOW …WOW!!!!!!

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