Published: 4 years ago

Thursday Three For All

A Conversation with My Soul (via @_MichaelKelley) Do you spend more time letting your soul speak to you? Or do you preach the gospel to your soul?

Good morning, soul. It’s another day that the Lord has made.

What’s that? Why am I talking to you? You know as well as I do. We’ve lived together long enough now to know that you, soul, are a listener. You are constantly listening to voices all around you. So I’m talking because you are going to listen to someone today, and I’d rather be proactive and make sure you’re hearing the right message. Now let’s get back do it. You seem downcast and troubled this morning. Why is that?


6 Ways to Lead a Church when You Don’t Get to Preach (via @gavin_adams) If you’re a campus pastor, associate pastor, or just anybody-other-than-the-lead-guy, chances are you’ve dealt with the “How do I lead?” question. Gavin nails it with this post.

As a Senior Pastor or primary Teaching Pastor, there is a 30+ minute segment each and every week to cast vision, set direction, and encourage missional engagement. But without the sermon spot, it becomes much more difficult to be an out-front leader. A good Senior Pastor will fill in some of these gaps with his leadership, but each campus location presents unique challenges that require unique leadership solutions. A Senior Pastor can cast a compelling organization-wide vision, but it is often up to the Campus Pastor to localize and conceptualize the mission and vision.


Starbucks’ Craziest Drinks (via @foodbeast) You can thank me later.




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